Colocation Server Hosting – 3 Essential Points to Check before Choosing

Growing businesses usually suffer from a dilemma between choosing internal data centers and leasing external servers. To plug the gap between these two options is the more cost effective version of colocation server hosting. This hosting solution involves rack spaces being provided by certain companies where businesses can put their own server equipments. This is the usual process involved in colocation servers. However, not all service providers provide equal services. This is the reason why a business must check some of the important aspects. To help a growing business owner select the right colocation server hosting solution, 3 essential points must be checked and they are:

What’s the level of uptime service?

One of the most important qualities in server hosting solution is continuity in server access. Even a short interruption can shoot up the cost astronomically. So, check the guaranteed uptime provided by a colocation hosting solution provider. 100 per cent uptime guarantee is always preferable. For full access, reliable network connections are essential. No matter whether your server suffers from physical connection damage or confronts tremendous spike in network traffic, a reliable network (achieved through use of multiple WAN connections and multiple ISPs) ensures that the service remains operation all the time.

Another aspect that can lead to downtime is software change. In fact, system crashes can also take place if server configuration, security patch installation, and software upgrade are either not done correctly or not done at all. This chance is eliminated as server modifications are done regularly by the administrators or experienced personnel who safely maintain network software.

Is the power managed correctly?

This is one of the most important aspects which make colocation server hosting superior to the data centers. In case of data centers, they are mainly at the mercy of utility companies. Unexpected shutdowns are not uncommon as they are caused by blackouts and brownouts. In fact, due to these data corruption can also happen, which has major repercussions. To manage these problems, USPs are installed. However, they are there for allowing systems to cleanly shut down and not to keep the servers functioning. However, in case of colocation hosting onsite generators are employed for keeping the equipment running. Colocation centers score over data centers because the former come with multiple generators that help the center running even during days of power outages.

How well do Colocation Server Hosting Protect Data?

Software and hardware tools are used for protecting data centers from malware attacks or from any kind of network intrusion. However, it is also true that the best protection is also the most expensive ones too. In case of colocation hosting, most effective applications can be availed at affordable cost. This is because of the fact that economies of scale comes into play. Colocation server hosting also provide lot of importance to physical security (use of professional security personnel, physical barriers, surveillance cameras, and more) so that no unqualified personnel can enter the premises and check sensitive data.

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