What Is A Sales Proposal And How Does It Help Your Business?

A sales proposal is a document created by a business to sell their service or product. While more complicated than just pricing your product competitively to entice customers to purchase it, a sales proposal allows the business that is writing the proposal to frame the document in a way that creates a favorable atmosphere for their product and informs the receiver of the proposal of the specifics of the product. (more…)

Popular Contemporary Instagram-Web Integration Techniques

The photo sharing platform that is Instagram has become hugely popular, with more than 400 million active users monthly. Many of these users share their photos socially, but a growing percentage is embracing the use of Instagram commercially, this poses a huge issue for the modern web designer; how exactly does one integrate Instagram into their web design? A few retail and service industry brands have found a way to incorporate Instagram into their web design. Here are a few examples of how the best do it.

Embedding Instagram feed


One of the reasons why building a connection to Instagram accounts is important is the fact that the photo sharing site offers companies an opportunity to express themselves to their Instagram followers in ways they cannot do on the website. Companies have found a way to get around this by embedding their Instagram feeds on their websites. Those who do it perfectly have a small section at the website fold on the homepage. This, however, requires one to have a theme on the Instagram page that matches that of their website. Many are going even bolder with thumbnails that source content from their Instagram pages.

The shopping angle

This is particularly useful considering the fact that it is difficult to have a clickable link on Instagram. Companies have now created pages that enable users to buy items that they have seen on Instagram. One can have the Instagram shopping link on the bio, and when one clicks on the link, they are directed to a page that has the very same photos as those on the Instagram page. The only difference is that on every image there is a link that takes the user directly to the purchase page for that particular website.

In much the same way, many companies are taking advantage of Instagram’s user participation capabilities for their web content. This technique involves companies running campaigns using a hashtag, most of the time not only on Instagram but also on related platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The posts and tweets are then combined into a single feed and displayed on the website. This way, the user feels like they are part of something bigger.


Some websites are so incredibly designed that adding any type of integration will only result in them looking overloaded. In such cases, the traditional integration can work wonders. This normally involves having the Instagram badge at one corner of the web page. It attracts the attention of the user, but does not distort the design of the website.

Website on Instagram

Many integration techniques bring content from Instagram into the website. Some companies have however developed techniques to bring their web content to Instagram. While it will not come in the form of clickable content since Instagram typically does not support this, it might be useful for companies that use their websites mainly to disseminate information. If this is to grow, then many companies will no longer have the traditional website.


Games of Solitaire: Spider Solitaire

Life can get boring; sometimes it is made up of waiting and waiting. What do you do when you need to entertain yourself? Many people across the entire globe will immediately think of Spider solitaire, one of the best ways to pass your time.

What Is It?

Spider solitaire, as the name suggests, is a type of solitaire game. Unlike Klondike solitaire, Spider solitaire is played with four decks of cards rather than the traditional one deck of cards. The game has been played by people for decades; helping people across the world improve their logic and patience skills.


How to Play

It may seem confusing at first, but Spider solitaire is not much different to any other type of solitaire. Instead of placing cards in ascending order, like in Klondike, in Spider solitaire you are expected to place all of the cards in descending order. Once you’ve done a whole column of cards in the right order, it is completely removed from the game. It is pretty simple – as soon as all of the cascades have been completed and you have removed them from the game, you’ve won Spider solitaire.

Spider solitaire has traditionally been played in real life with real decks of cards; however you can also play the game online. FunRoom has all of the solitaire games you could ever imagine, so the fun doesn’t have to just stop at Spider solitaire!


Many people play Spider solitaire competitively. Most often, this is done by counting the amount of turns that are taken to complete the game, however occasionally it will be done based on time taken. You may play against your own best scores or against other people’s, if you find them to play with. Many online versions of Spider solitaire will allow you to play competitively.

Tips and Tricks

You should always, as a rule, try to expose hidden cards whenever you can. Doing so could lead you to a new set of moves that you could take, it is also a technique to help you open up and empty a pile which you could use to move cards around.

Empty piles are really important, so you should always try to aim to make them as soon as you possibly can. These empty piles can act as storage places for the cards you would like to save for later. You can also put cards in this pile in order to help you turn over more cards that you otherwise would not be able to access.

The best tip for new players is to always start building on the highest rank cards first. This will help you get the most out of your pile and make the game easier for you to play.

Regardless of your age, Spider solitaire is a brilliant game to improve your time and provide you with entertainment. Whether you’re playing online or in real life, you should always keep track of your scores so you have something to improve on!




Choosing The Right Car For Your Roads

Every vehicle is designed to be driven on the road, but that does not mean every vehicle is the right choice for you.  There is a huge array of options which you should consider before committing to a new vehicle:



Your vehicle must be able to cope with the conditions where you live.  For example, if you live in the Caribbean with good roads all around you then virtually any car will do; although you may wish to consider a convertible.  However, if you wish to purchase a Jaguar in Canada you may need to consider the amount of snow you get in the winter.  If the Jaguar is a second car and you have a four wheel drive to deal with the snowy days this should not be an issue.  But, if you live where there is plenty of snow and the Jaguar is your only vehicle then this may not be the right vehicle for you.


A car must serve a purpose; it may be to get you from A to B in style, in which case your local Jaguar Canada dealer can help you!  However, it may be necessary to move big objects or carry your family on weekly outings.  In this case you will need an estate or an all wheel drive vehicle.


Diesels tend to be a more economical choice and are believed to have less impact on the environment.  They are often the better choice for those who regularly drive long distances.  However, they are also noisier and may not appeal to the image you wish to portray.  It is worth considering them before making your final decision.


A new vehicle can involve a significant expenditure and you will lose money as soon as you drive the vehicle away.  A cheaper option is to purchase one that has been used as a demo version, or previously registered by a garage.  This can help to reduce the depreciation hit that all new vehicles suffer from.

Alternatively you can look at a pre-owned version of the vehicle.  Many of these are better value as they have already lost their initial depreciation and have been run in; ready to use!  Your decision on how much to spend must be based on your budget.  If you cannot afford to buy the vehicle with your savings it is possible to obtain finance or even purchase the vehicle under a lease agreement.  Whichever option suits your needs should also fit in with your budget!

Optional Extras

Some vehicle manufacturers add every possible extra to the vehicle as standard.  Others will simply provide an options list and charge you for the extras.  If the vehicle you wish to purchase does not have a very high spec you can consider either asking for a price reduction or purchasing a used version which has all the extras you want; the price may be very little different to a new vehicle but it will be the one you want!

Perhaps the best advice to follow when you are looking for a new vehicle, whether at a Jaguar dealer in Canada, or a Jeep in Florida, is to decide what vehicle best suits your needs and stick to your decision.  Do not let fancy talk persuade you otherwise!


Wildlife Watching Tips to Enjoy a Memorable Experience at the Tadoba Tiger Resort

Wildlife enthusiasts and birdwatchers often travel thousands of kilometers to migrate to another land across the globe hoping for a successful sighting and a great reserve forest experience, spending good money in the process. The thrill and fulfillment of having an encounter with an animal, even though, for fleeting moments, in its natural surroundings, has transformed wildlife tourism today into a whopping multi-billion dollar industry. The natural world seems to be characterized by wonders everywhere you explore and travel. You simply need to understand and know what exactly to look out for.

Abide by the Rules If Wildlife Is Precious to You

Never be the cause of any discomfort, distress and destruction of the thing you are passionate about and love.  This is the most vital rule that you need to follow on your wildlife safari. You must go about the entire task in a planned and thoughtful manner so that you do not end up leaving any negative impact on the wild animals.

You could have a superb wildlife sighting if you spot an animal in a completely ethical manner. You could do that by simply following a few tips. You must maintain a reasonable distance from the wild animals. Do not ever think of feeding wild animals. Never interfere or restrict their normal or natural behavior. Try your best not to leave any trace or negative impact on the wildlife around you.

Learn about Your Target

It is important to have a little knowledge about the animals you hope to encounter. If you have adequate information on the individual animal behavior, you could take wise decisions that would help you in spotting or sighting. Before stepping into the reserve forest, you must gather adequate information about habits and habitats of wild animals. Learning about the animals is truly an enriching experience.


It comes in handy when you are trying to spot an elusive animal species. If you are genuinely interested to know more, you could consider learning about the diverse clues left behind by different animals. Several large mammals, for example, are used to clearing pathways across the shrubs, bushes, and other vegetation. Some other wild animals would be leaving relatively more subtle clues near water bodies, trees or on the ground. If you keep these clues or signals in mind, you may get the golden opportunity of spotting a rare species. Once you have visited http://tigersheavenresort.co.in/ and made your reservations, start learning about animals, clues and animal behavior patterns.

Know the Best Place and the Right Time for an Animal Sighting

You must realize that several animals maintain antisocial hours. Humans do not understand or operate in keeping with the rhythm and pace of the animals’ natural world where there is a maximum activity during dusk and dawn. It is best to be present before the sun rises and after sunset and stay there for a while. This is also, a fantastic time and opportunity to click pictures of wildlife besides spotting them.

You must remember that places where one type of terrain or habitat gradually switches into another are likely to be the best spots for encountering wild animals. Shorelines, estuaries, and riverbanks are places where you could end up having a chance encounter with an animal. Animals are mostly found in other border areas such as the meeting point between a meadow and woodland. This is where animals come looking for shelter and food.

Camouflaging Is the Best Idea

Blending with the natural surroundings around you could be a great idea. Do not wear clothes in vibrant colors. Animals are really very alert and vigilant. Do not attract their attention. Wear green, brown, and gray clothes which easily blend into the surroundings. Your observation spot should provide adequate camouflage and should ideally be concealed properly by a row of trees or shrubbery or any other obstacle that is effective in shielding you from the wild animals’ direct line of vision and eye contact.

Silence is always golden in a forest. If you remember this and follow all the above suggestions, you are sure to have a successful sighting. If you at all think of moving; do it stealthily, slowly and steadily. Moreover, be equipped with the right gear to make the most of your visit to the Tadoba Tiger Resort.