Earning the Benefits after Completing M.Tech in India

Master of Technology (M.Tech) is the most reputed degree course taken by engineers after completing B.Tech. This advanced level of course, gives the real scenario about the changing structure of IT industry. In short, it is an extension of engineer’s graduation education, providing better opportunity for students for getting practical implementation of knowledge. There are many top universities in India offering M. Tech course for students. IIMT University in Meerut is among the top universities in UP and other states offering quality technical education for students studying from UP state. This private university inculcates innovation, R&D, and socio-economic changes that does matter in today’s education for students.

At IIMT University, students undertaking M.Tech are trained in both practical and theoretical ways to gain better exposure to the field. Students undergo various coursework integrated with curricular concepts and professional leadership. This makes IIMT top ten university in UP and other parts of India and has attracted students from across India to seek admission. M.Tech students after completing the course, can have a positive career ahead.

Benefits of Earning M.Tech Degree:

One of the major benefits of earning M.Tech degree is multiple job avenues in India and overseas. The demand for engineers having masters has increased in recent time due to the increase in globalization and IT industry. From a managerial role to professional engineering, M.Tech from reputed institute like IIMT and other will certainly create good job opportunities.

  • M.Tech degree enhances professional qualification and helps in building strong social IT networks. This further gives a route to better job opportunities.
  • Individual can shift to managerial role after gaining experience in technical field

Different Areas of Opportunities:

There are number of career opportunities for M.Tech student. With every small, medium and large size companies are looking for skilled engineers, the opportunities are growing. Following below are some of the opportunities for M.Tech students:

  • Corporate Sector: Many IT companies look for fresher M.Tech students offering a great package. From L&T to TCS, there are many top companies come up with new opportunities for students.
  • Research & Development: Manufacturing and Food processing companies look for M.Tech fresher for R&D department.

One can also take up the teaching profession because many universities and college offer jobs for M.Tech freshers to work as a lecturer in the same subject.

Pursuing M.Tech:

If you’re looking to pursue M.Tech in any top universities in UP or any other state, then IIMT is the best option to go for. The two year course is undertaken on Merit Basis and GD/PI methods.

Admission at Glance:

Student applying for M.Tech course, need to undergo the respective entrance exam. The common and national level engineering exam is GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) which primarily tests the comprehensive knowledge of the field. Private institutes seek application on the basis GATE score. In fact, GATE qualified student is applicable to earn high package in government and private sector job.


To conclude this part, students pursuing M.Tech from any of the top ten university in UP or any other part of India, can expert a postive career route ahead.

Can Content Delivery Network Benefit SEO?

Would you stick to the website that lags? Of course not. Because there is cut-throat competition in the marketplace having innumerable players claiming to offer the best service. This is the market scenario today, and if you want to surpass your competitors, you have to be steps ahead.

Here are some of the magnificent benefits of the content delivery network.

Improved Website Speed

Site loading speed is a crucial aspect of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), especially because it affects the user experience. It can be comprehended through the different tools Google provides for weighing and enhancing website speed, from benchmark options in WebMaster tools and PageSpeed tools to data in Google Analytics, and so forth.

Cloud cdn

Improving site speed may not be your cup of tea. Normally it involves on-site optimization tricks, such as – combining JS files, compressing image files and so on. This way, you may yield results up to some extent, but nothing close to what you can get just by using Cloud Content Delivery Network service. In cloud CDN hosting, your site will load faster, achieves better SERP rankings and offer excellent user- experience (UX), thus improving conversion and bounce rates as well.

No Scraping Bots

Scraping Bots are one of the reasons that cause duplicate content. At least from SEO point of view, it must be avoided. The Bots enter your website, copy text and publish them under various domain names-something struggling them in the development. Actually, these Bots steal your content and in most of the cases, you may not be aware that it happened.

 No Link Spamming

Link Spamming Bots may use your website for building links, typically by spamming links in comments area or forum discussions. These links can dent your SEO in so many ways, such as by defaming your trust and authority ratings and thus adversely affecting your SERP rankings. These links can also seduce your website visitors away from your website and they can be used to hurt them, thus spreading negative impression about your website. At least they can make your website look pathetic, unmanaged, and unprofessional.

The Final Verdict

Have you achieved your SEO goal? To answer this question your SEO campaign will always be measured in comparative terms. Because you don’t need to be perfect to achieve your SEO goal, you just need to beat your competitors. Means to say that if you are just better than your competitors, your goal is achieved. For the purpose, SEO professionals must have Cloud CDN because of its low cost, seamless setup, excellent speed, and protection against the Bad Bots.

Computer to Computer Link in the MCX for Better Trading

One of the best platforms for risk management is the MCX. The Multi Commodity Exchange of India Limited (MCX) offers traders the opportunity to trade in commodity derivatives. In India, this is the first listed exchange for commodity derivatives trading that come into being in November 2003.

Features of the CTCL

One of the technologies available for the members of the MCX is the Computer to Computer Link (CTCL). The Exchange provides a front-end Trader WorkStation (TWS). The members can expand the individual trading facility using API, which is a set of data structures. The user can develop their own software to connect with the Exchange and make transactions. However, this CTCL facility is only available for members of the Exchange.

Many of the members develop their own risk management tools using customised software. These software meets the specialised needs such as online trade analysis. Others integrate the back-office operations with the daily operations so they are always ‘online’ and have access to the records and files. The CTCL helps the members to completely control their trading operations so that they can provide their online and local clients with efficient and effective service. The software for the CTCL is available with vendors registered with the Exchange.

Thus, the members of the Exchange can develop the CTCL software but they must procure the API document from the Exchange. In this document, all the details of the procedure to use for the CTCL software is given. By following the instructions, the user can interact with Trading system of the Exchange. This will serve as a guide for development for the user. The member will manage the CTCL setup that includes setting up the network, hardware, application software, and more. You can choose from two types of APIs – FIX API and Non-FIX API.

Become a MCX member

You must take a membership in the MCX. For this, you must submit the form available online and submit the fees. The fee is Rs 7.5 lakhs for TM, Rs 25/ Rs 15 Lakhs for TCM, Rs 25 lakhs for ITCM, and Rs 10 lakhs for PCM. Then, you must await the selection process and wait until you are selected. This consists of an interview by the Membership Selection Committee. If you pass this you will be admitted as a member in the MCX.

Once this is over, you must get admission in the SEBI. Submit your application and they will process it. Once you are registered with the SEBI, they will take action to activate your trading rights. This is the last step. After this, you can begin trading.

Check the various memberships

You have various kinds of memberships such as Trading Member and Professional Clearing Member. In addition, you also have Deposit-based Trading-cum-Clearing Member, Non-deposit-based Trading-cum-Clearing Member, and Institutional Trading-cum-Clearing Member. The Trading-cum-Clearing Members can use their personal accounts to make trade. Also, they can conduct trades on their client’s accounts.

The Professional Clearing Members clears trades that took place in the Exchange involving the trading members and the trading-cum-clearing members. Any company or institution can qualify as a Professional Clearing Member provided their net worth is Rs 500 lakh. If you like to qualify, submit an application.