How to get a job in the banking sector?

Banking Sector is a fast growing sector and provides a huge scope to young generations. After IT world, it is considered as the second biggest growing sector and offers a wealth of career opportunities to candidates. Because of the huge demand and high scope in the banking sector candidates are more attracted to making their career in this sector and they do lots of struggle to get a successful job in banks. To make a bright future you need to be more focused and more passionate. Many students get confused and many of the questions running in their mind like how to make a career in banking sector and from where to start, what are the future scope and many more.

I will give you some tips that will surely helpful for your bright future.

  • Focus on education:To make a successful career in banking sector you need to clear your 10+2 from commerce stream with average marks of 60%. After that, you can choose any course such as BBA, B.Com, MBA, and BCA according to your interest. You need to get maximum of 70% marks to get a job in any company or in any bank.


  • Start Preparation for entrance exams: Entrance exam is must for getting a job in any government or in private banking sector. It is better for you to start preparing for entrance exam with your study because it is the first step to become a part of any reputed organization. Nowadays, every organization needs highly active candidates and it is not easy to select the best person. The entrance exam is the best solution to shortlist the intelligent and active candidates. With these criteria, they will get an idea about the candidate performance.


  • Must focus on all your skills: To get a job in any organization you need to be more focused on your skills. Your management skills, communication skills, problem-solving, analytical skills must be good for a successful career. Banking sector offers different kinds of career options such as Loan officer, Manager, Accountant, Financial Manager, HR and much more. Start working on your all skills for making a bright career.


  • Start Searching for the job: After completion of your education or with education start searching for the banks which provide job vacancies for fresher candidates. There are various government and private banks such as ICICI bank careers, HDFC careers, Punjab national bank, and State bank of India etc. There is a huge scope in both government and private sector, but getting a job in the government sector is not an easy task. If you want to get a job in government sector then you need to do more hard work and you need to be clear so many competitive exams.


  • Prepare for interview: Start preparing for the interview there are number of portals available from where you will get an interview call. Be confident at the time of interview and give the answers of all the questions very clearly. Also focus on all those things that are necessary to crack the interview like dressing sense, confident level etc.

These are some tips to start your career in banking sector or to get a job. Follow the above-mentioned tips to make a better future.

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Khushboo Setiya is a blogger an online media enthusiast and who loves to pin down her views on a number of topics that interest a reader. She loves to write about various related topics such as Web designing Techniques, Digital marketing, career guidance, Job searching Techniques, IT Development and much more.

Earning the Benefits after Completing M.Tech in India

Master of Technology (M.Tech) is the most reputed degree course taken by engineers after completing B.Tech. This advanced level of course, gives the real scenario about the changing structure of IT industry. In short, it is an extension of engineer’s graduation education, providing better opportunity for students for getting practical implementation of knowledge. There are many top universities in India offering M. Tech course for students. IIMT University in Meerut is among the top universities in UP and other states offering quality technical education for students studying from UP state. This private university inculcates innovation, R&D, and socio-economic changes that does matter in today’s education for students.

At IIMT University, students undertaking M.Tech are trained in both practical and theoretical ways to gain better exposure to the field. Students undergo various coursework integrated with curricular concepts and professional leadership. This makes IIMT top ten university in UP and other parts of India and has attracted students from across India to seek admission. M.Tech students after completing the course, can have a positive career ahead.

Benefits of Earning M.Tech Degree:

One of the major benefits of earning M.Tech degree is multiple job avenues in India and overseas. The demand for engineers having masters has increased in recent time due to the increase in globalization and IT industry. From a managerial role to professional engineering, M.Tech from reputed institute like IIMT and other will certainly create good job opportunities.

  • M.Tech degree enhances professional qualification and helps in building strong social IT networks. This further gives a route to better job opportunities.
  • Individual can shift to managerial role after gaining experience in technical field

Different Areas of Opportunities:

There are number of career opportunities for M.Tech student. With every small, medium and large size companies are looking for skilled engineers, the opportunities are growing. Following below are some of the opportunities for M.Tech students:

  • Corporate Sector: Many IT companies look for fresher M.Tech students offering a great package. From L&T to TCS, there are many top companies come up with new opportunities for students.
  • Research & Development: Manufacturing and Food processing companies look for M.Tech fresher for R&D department.

One can also take up the teaching profession because many universities and college offer jobs for M.Tech freshers to work as a lecturer in the same subject.

Pursuing M.Tech:

If you’re looking to pursue M.Tech in any top universities in UP or any other state, then IIMT is the best option to go for. The two year course is undertaken on Merit Basis and GD/PI methods.

Admission at Glance:

Student applying for M.Tech course, need to undergo the respective entrance exam. The common and national level engineering exam is GATE (Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering) which primarily tests the comprehensive knowledge of the field. Private institutes seek application on the basis GATE score. In fact, GATE qualified student is applicable to earn high package in government and private sector job.


To conclude this part, students pursuing M.Tech from any of the top ten university in UP or any other part of India, can expert a postive career route ahead.

Fun Things To Look Forward To In Colleges In Delhi

This one is for all the recent Class XIIth passouts. Every student at some point, gets excited and waits for his/her college life to start. There’s a lot of difference in school life and college life. You’re going to start a totally different and new phase of your life. Here we’re about to discuss the differences in school life and college life. To help calm you, let’s discuss about some of the amazing things to look forward to and make you little more excited for the best time of your life that you’re about to start. (more…)

Importance of AutoCAD for the Mechanical Engineers

The core functioning of mechanical engineers involves designing mechanical objects, pertaining to motor and engine gears or to complete manufacturing instruments that meet the functional criteria in an efficient manner. Therefore, design software and programs like AutoCAD becomes highly significant for mechanical engineers to create groundwork designs and identify errors related to the production process.

A number of B.Tech University in UP offers mechanical engineering students to go through a comprehensive AutoCAD (Computer Aided Design) mechanical training to make them learn the functioning of this program, which will help them design and develop 3-D models of the devices, detailing the dimensions and functions of the parts. (more…)

Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana

The Indian Institute of Science which is known as IISC organized a national level scholarship program which is known as Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana also known as KVPY. It is organized to motivate the students to pursue a research career in the field of basic sciences. This program was started in 1999 which is funded by the Department of Science and Technology, Government of India.

Important Dates-

  • Application form will be released in the second week of July, 2017
  • Last date to submit the application form will be in last week of August, 2017
  • Last date of availability of application form is in second week of August, 2017
  • Admit card will release in second week of October, 2017
  • Exam will held in first week of November, 2017
  • Result will be declared in first week of December, 2017


Reasons Why Kids should Learn Maths

Maths is not just like any other subject in the syllabus for children, it’s more of a life’s necessity. Leaning Maths allows children to expand their perspective about the calculations all around them and also incorporate some important elements from it into their own lives. Some of the best mathematics books might already be added in your child’s syllabus to help him secure a brighter future. Mathematical education can be very helpful for a child in his future and to know how, read on the following article which explains the point very effectively.

Reasons Why Kids should Learn Maths

  1. It is a part of life- Mathematics teach us about the basic 4 elements which are very generally used in our day to day lives- Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Maths grows with every standard to develop a better understanding of such basic elements at secondary levels. Learning maths help children in keeping track of all the little savings that they do and also experience mathematics outside the book and in the real world.Intensifying your problem solving abilities- Maths does not only teach you about geometry or algebra, it even helps you get a better shot at solving your own problems. Mathematics gives you the patience for analyzing, rearranging, testing issues and organizing all the top pointers in a problem and then provides a step by step solution for it. This process not only helps in solving your maths equations but it even helps
  1. in solving your real life issues. You can even study maths online for a better experience.
  2. Great for your future generations- There is no rocket science in this that if your children will know the ABCD of maths then they will be able to teach their kids maths as well. Maths is very important for our future generations as well therefore teaching the present generations becomes important as well. When the parents like and become comfortable with maths, then the children find it easier to connect with maths and accept it as well.
  3. Managing finances is easier- Whether you are a doctor, teacher, artist or a painter, you will always need maths to manage your finances therefore irrespective of what you choose for your future, maths will always be important. The various debts, installments and mortgages in your child’s future will need some serious calculations to be done in order to pay them off and that is when all those maths classes will be of great help.

Mathematics can be very boring and complicated for children at times if they are not being guided right. To avoid such inconvenience, always resort to Cambridge books for your child. These books have been created by experts who know how to depart useful knowledge to your children in the simplest way and also help them love maths more. You can choose from various editions to find the best ones for your child among the cbse school books online.

MBA from Top Institute Offers Fame, Recognition and Wealth

An MBA since its inception has always been a highly prestigious degree in all parts of the world. The degree has assumed added significance in recent times owing to the turmoil being witnessed in the business world courtesy factors like sluggish economic growth, poor government policies and fickle nature of consumers. Organizations operating in a highly globalised world where access to information has become increasingly easy, need managers with a global perspective who can take advantages of the opportunities easy access to information and globalisation provides, at the same time avoiding pitfalls which could impede an organization’s growth. A top business school develops managers who are highly capable and more than competent to deal with a business environment in a state of complete influx. Well-established business schools with their diverse student body and practice-oriented teaching contribute towards a more global outlook and better practical knowledge among students.

The real worth of an MBA degree akin to other popular professional courses like engineering, law, finance, etc, are dependent to a certain extent on the brand value of an institute. It should not come as a surprise as top institutes or colleges have worked hard over the years to develop a reputation of providing education that is of immediate practical relevance in the marketplace. A world class faculty and a modern curriculum developed by the faculty and industry experts equip the students with knowledge and skills to excel in complex international settings in top management positions. It is precisely the reason MBA aspirants are asked to do their research well and opt for only those top level institutes which offers hands-on insight into the working of the business world, picking up the nuances that can make or break business negotiations. (more…)

The Training Trends That Are Shaping the Future of The Businesses

The business leaders don’t rely on the traditional methods of the training the employees today. They have understood that in order to get the skilled staff and enhance the product quality, the technology has to be merged with the knowledge of the qualified trainers. Hence, each and every sector has turned heads toward the e-learning based training programs.

The business leaders have started this trend because of the performance issues of the employees that were harming the sectors such as automotive, hospitality, telecommunication and many others. The technology further helped the organizations to make their vision possible. And today, the knowledge and the technology work together to bring the right skills on the organizations. (more…)

Starting preparations for entrance exams

Students today are opting for more creative careers than the clichéd ones. In studies conducted recently, it was seen that students have shown their interest in choosing designing, animation, advertising as their career options. Designing has topped the list of career interests because this field not only bring good money, but also brings glamour and fame. Therefore looking at the demand, there are many high level institutes that are operating in different parts of the world, out of which National Institute of Design is one of the top rated institutes in India.

NID is an internationally acclaimed institute that provides courses in various field of designing like Industrial, Communication, Textile and IT integrated design. This institute works in conjunction with ministry of commerce and industry, India and hence has a great reputation. Therefore, it is not easy for a student to secure an admission in premier institute like this. Since, this is an institute that is worked in union with the government; therefore there are equal opportunities for all the students to apply for institute. Students need to go through a studio entrance exam in order to secure a seat. This entrance exam is as crucial and tough as IIT or CAT entrance. (more…)

Insights on internet marketing course

The term “internet marketing” is not new to anyone today. With online business raging today, everyone wants to promote their business through internet marketing. So, if you are one of those business owners who have decided to take on the online platform for your business, then you can choose from two options, one is to hire an internet marketing consultant to promote your business or join an internet marketing course yourself.

If you choose to hire a professional, then there is not much that you would have to worry. Just pay them the money and expect results. But there always be some gap between you and the consultant as to what kind of results you are expecting. But if you take up the challenge yourself, then there are many advantages to it. One you would be saving a lot of money since you would not have to give to the consultants anymore, secondly you would be designing your internet marketing strategy yourself, and so you would be aware about your own expectations. Lastly, there is always a plus point in educating yourself with these courses as they can help you in promoting your business. (more…)