Advanced Video conferencing solutions

Video conferencing has been around for quite some time and it surely has some benefits such as being able to conduct business meetings with different people geographically apart thereby saving time and cost on travel. Similarly, it has been an effective tool to enable teleworking orworking away from the office, yet, have a possibility to interact with co-workers to pass on downward instructionsand present upward reports. Video conferencing unlike atelephone conversation or an email correspondence makes it possible to get your point through or present your point in the right way using appropriate body language. Having said that, it must also be noted that corporatehesitates to use videoconferencing because the video quality is very poor and you may have blurry pictures and a poor voice quality. (more…)

Migration of A Website

5 Things Must Follow While Doing Migration of A Website

Why do we need migration of any website ? There might be following reasons –

  • Due to changes in changes in Company, Technology or Strategy.
  • Switching to https://
  • Rebranding
  • Current website is not User friendly
  • Going International
  • And More.

There may be any reason. But this work is challenging for everyone Developers, SEOs and Content Marketing Team. Whenever you do migration of any website we lose the traffic for a while. So how can you make this lose less. Let’s see the few points which you must follow while doing Website Migration.  

Download Your Backup File

Never forget to take the backup of your website. Just login to your Cpanel account and obtain the compressed backups the website file and database information. Each database should be downloaded in its compressed format.

Export your Top Pages

You are investing your money and time in the new website so why do you give the space to slip out your precious visitor. So collect you top performing pages from different tool like Google Analytics and Google Search Console. Give more preference to these pages and put them at top in your list; because this the pages where you are getting more traffic and these pages are performing very well. These pages will decrease the chance of losing more traffic.

301 Redirection

Redirect your pages every pages to the most relevant pages. You will get more 404 pages. Collect these pages in other sheet. You can collect them from Google Webmaster tool. Sometime you may not have exact or most relevant pages so redirect these type of pages according to the keyword in the URL.

Measure New Website Performance

You can measure the performance of your website in following terms:-

  • SiteSpeed

You should check your website speed just after the website went live. If there is any chance to improve your speed, improve it. Check your speed on both Mobile and Desktop.

  • Ranking

You should have ranking for your website of two time.

Ranking, just before going for migration

Ranking, just after migration

Check the differences, where you are lacking and make your new SEO plan after this.

  • Traffic

You can check this from Google Analytics Account. Check traffic, Source, Medium, Landing Pages and Location. This all will give you a overview of your visitors and will help you in going ahead.

Other Points

After these important points now there that points without them we can not go ahead.

  • URL Redirect Mapping
  • Prepare Robots.txt file
  • Prepare XML Sitemap
  • Prepare HTML Sitemap
  • Find Broken Links
  • Check Duplicate Content

Hope these points will help you. These are not limited to 5 points only. There are more points which need to be done or checked. Here I have given you that 5 points which are must. For more Tips and Tricks do visit at Search Engine Libro.


How to Connect odoo to woocommerce

Woocommerce is a wordpress plugin for creating eCommerce store in wordpress. It’s free, woocommerce allows you to create an online store and sell anything you want. If you use Woocommerce plugin for your store you may need to manage your backend. Odoo woocommerce connector will help you to integrate and manage your woocommerce store in odoo. Every ecommerce store has perform various operation like Importing orders and customer data, Updating inventory, Product categories ,product tags,coupons, import export product and much more. To make it automate various tasks like order import, order status updates, Stock management to ease your work. (more…)

China people are governing the communication medium of WeChat at the maximum


Wechat is an instant messaging network which is acting as a Chinese social media. It could be an efficient application to transmit the information from one place to another place. This mobile application of WeChat is developed by the tencent and it was introduced in the year of 2011. After that this instant messaging and payment service is completely changed with its specifications and established in 2017.

The active users of this service nearly become 938 million nowadays. In the contemporary situation, the people are accessing the mobile application and they are looking for an advanced technique to accomplish the desired task of the user. There are some Chinese applications are performing towards the desired task of the user. In fact, it reveals different accessing methods and facilities to the user.

Some other international messaging services also have the active users less than this WeChat service. 90 percent of Chinese are utilizing this communication medium to share the information through online. The WeChat users are using 90 minutes per day on this mobile application which distributes the different benefits. For the payment service, it has 300 million users around the world.

Automation and translation services are available in this WeChat messaging app to ease the process of communication. Because of this only, the china people prefer this application and we can share the contacts with the help of Bluetooth which is available in the mobile application. WeChat is one of the best messaging application in china where the population is too high.

Through this WeChat application, we can transmit the text message, multimedia message and GIF animated videos etc. likely to the Whatsapp, messaging app, and it has a GPS location detector to find the exact location of the particular user. These applications also facilitate the payment services which are related to the official documents. Let we can have an expanded view about this service and accessing methods of this service.

Economic contribution of WeChat

An economic contribution of this WeChat service is an important one to develop the standard and strategy of it. Up to now, WeChat has invested nearly RMB 100 million for the online communication and payment services. It will vary depending upon the market expansion and performance of the specific application. 20 million red envelopes were introduced in the year of 2015 and within those 3.2 million red envelopes are accessed by the user through online.

In the payment service, this network requires basic information like personal ID from the user. Initial withdrawal process has some limited restrictions and it could be charged with 0.1 percent of the fee. This is mainly supported by the peer to peer online transaction which will be very much trustworthy. This service is trying to implement its features and specifications depending upon the user’s requirements and investing some amount with respect to that.

Accessing time of it

Usually, the Chinese are using 90 minutes per day on this application to have a benefit through it. When we are comparing with the other messaging application like Facebook, it has more accessing time for the users. In the WeChat, the users are not utilizing the brand pages which are providing useful information. Official brand accounts are stored in the main memory of the mobile application and it has some settings for the purpose of security.

As per the recent statement of china, in the year of 2015, there is 16.3 percent of people are accessed this service and after that, it has become 33.9 percent in the year of 2016. For the WeChat communication, the average time of the daily user is estimated as 55 minutes per day. Followers for the official accounts of the WeChat service is nearly 1 million and most of the official accounts having less than 10 thousand followers.

WeChat payment is achieved with the help of mobile network and it has 92 percent of active users in china. 30 percent of a transaction can be achieved with the usage of debit cards or credit cards. The annual revenue of this service is slightly increasing depending upon the transactions or payments. In the mobile application of WeChat, there is an availability of testing feature to verify its performance.

Barriers to overcome

In the international marketplace, the WeChat is worth for #3 trillion amounts and it is rather than the other services. The application which is interconnecting with this service can run only on certain platforms to execute the desired projects. Peer to peer transaction requires some additional amount to the online payment. Upto now, the total online payment which is accomplished through the mobile system is near $6.3 trillion in china.

US-based forecasting services are accomplished in this WeChat to connect the people from different locations. In the field of E-Marketing, this WeChat service is fixing its standard to increase the number of users around the world. There are certain terms and conditions are available to access the mobile application and having benefits through it.

Propelling aspects of this app

This WeChat application triggers the other mini-applications which are available in china. That can be done with the performance of an advanced specification and the online connection. In the year of 2016, it has an active user upto the range of 889 million and this estimation is 28 percent high from the last year. It has an extraordinary feature like WeChat index which is similar to the Google trends. This WeChat application is extremely accessible and available at any time for the user.

WeChat users are storing their payment details in the Wallet feature which is register free through online. For the larger transactions, it took nearly, $73 per single payment and in the online payment, the push notifications will occur. WeChat is helpful for both online and in-store payment through a mobile application. WeChat is creating some blur bond between the personal and professional life of the user.

Most of the speculators are looking for the easiest method to perform certain projects through online. Those professionals, especially in china, are mainly looking for this WeChat as a communication medium. Online payments are achieved with the quick respond (QR) codes which are used to update each and every action of the service. This service has an internal link with the social media networks to gather the external information around the world.


Eventhough this service reveals so many advantages to the user, it has some drawbacks too. There will be some implementations are achieved with respect to the user’s demand. As per the technology development, there are so many modifications willed been occurring in the specific mobile application. This domination is currently applied in the country of china and after that, it will be established around the world.

Comparing to the ancient generation, nowadays the mobile application contains some digital and advanced techniques with it. There will be so many advantageous reactions for the user who are all accessing this through online. We should have a proper detail about it and we should make use of it through online. Eventually, we have to know that 90 percent of the Chinese are effectively accessing this WeChat network as a communication medium. Get an access to most interesting clone scripts through Zoplay and we also have the best WhatsApp clone script like SCIMBO for you to try as well.

Track Your Employees Emails

If you are an executive as well as a business owner you are almost certainly already aware that managing the businesses’ cellphones is an original headache:

  1. Multiple operating systems and also specifications mean there is no single app capable of running on all the devices.
  2. The little physical size and also mobility means mobile phones are simply mislaid as well as stolen causing loss of information & growing safety risks.
  3. Understanding usage designs are difficult, as the information you get through the Network Operators is restricted to monthly invoices along with extremely primitive indications of information usage at best.
  4. Mobile phones allow leakage of confidential information – both malicious and also accidental.
  5. Insufficient info and also poor controls over company mobiles are creating your business to suffer both economically and also operationally. TheOneSpy could help you change all that.


How Businesses are Going to Utilize Big Data in 2017?

If you have not hidden yourself in a cave for all these years, the buzz around Big Data must have reached your ears. Big Data as you have already known is not only about data but a huge volume of data with rapidly accelerating growth. This huge data is also a huge reserve of actionable insights for businesses and that is what making most businesses taking a positive interest in Big Data Services. As of now companies have been assured of the advantages Big Data can offer to their business process but have incorporated Big Data predictions and analytics to a certain extent in their business process. But what about the imminent future of Big Data? How businesses are going to utilise Big Data in 2017?


What to Keep In Mind When Writing Effective SEO Copy

In the modern context, SEO has evolved from being a simple technique to increase search engine visibility by stuffing keywords in often meaningless content to a more dynamic and even personal experience that adds value to the user. While the basic tenets of search engine optimization remain almost the same, the rules for effective SEO execution keep on changing fast and both content and search engine rankings can easily suffer due to inattention. Some tips on optimizing content:

Focus On Writing Quality Meta Content

You need to appreciate that Meta titles and Meta descriptions can get your site a huge amount of traffic from search engines like Google. Make sure that you write to the full character length limit of 70 characters for the title tag and 100 characters per line for the Meta description. The recent relaxation by Google means that now you have more space to include more keywords, descriptions or even contact details. When you are writing out your Meta you should not just describe your content but make a conscious attempt to include stuff that would attract the attention of visitors and compel them to read the content. This is the perfect opportunity for doing some hard sell about your content.


Compose Relevant Content for Embedded Links

Instead of using generic text to embed your links, you should use phrases that are contextually relevant to assist visitors to locate what they are really looking for. The secret is to make the anchor text relevant as well as interesting and descriptive so that you are able to obtain the maximum boost from SEO. Link back from blogs to your content or establish links to other blogs, pages or even content on your own site. If you seem to be out of depth this is the perfect time to consult a competent SEO company in Mumbai to take charge of keeping your site optimized for the ever-changing search engine algorithms.

Write Content for Readers

People should want to read the stuff you are putting up because they find it interesting and useful. The logic is quite simple – if people do not find your content worth reading it is very unlikely that they would still want to check out your product and services. It is quite natural that they would abandon your site perhaps never to return again.

When writing content, another element to keep in mind is the impact of RankBrain, the artificial intelligence system that Google has developed to handle the millions of searches its users throw at it every day. Marketers should write content that is optimized for RankBrain – this is nothing but content that has a natural flow, assists visitors and features videos and images that are interactive and consequently maximizes the click-earning potential. The combination of all these elements contributes to effective SEO that will fetch a better ranking in the search engine results page.

Include Content That Readers Find Useful

Usefulness of web content is not usually regarded as anything to do with effective SEO but this really needs to be taken as the basis of all content development. You are simply not going to get ranked very high in the SERPs unless your readers find your content to be relevant and useful in satisfying their information requirements. Unless a site has the ability to add value to the visitors there is really no way that SEO can help to prop its ranking up consistently and for long. When writing or commissioning content you need to be constantly asking yourself whether the content answers questions or solves problems of the readers in a competent manner. The degree to which reader issues are taken care of is vital because if readers find better value elsewhere they will shift their attention.


As a content manager, you need to appreciate that the SEO environment is extremely dynamic and you need to be extremely adaptable so that your site continues to perform well. Updating your SEO approach on a regular basis makes it easier for you to provide content that both readers and search engines like equally.

Popular Contemporary Instagram-Web Integration Techniques

The photo sharing platform that is Instagram has become hugely popular, with more than 400 million active users monthly. Many of these users share their photos socially, but a growing percentage is embracing the use of Instagram commercially, this poses a huge issue for the modern web designer; how exactly does one integrate Instagram into their web design? A few retail and service industry brands have found a way to incorporate Instagram into their web design. Here are a few examples of how the best do it.

Embedding Instagram feed


One of the reasons why building a connection to Instagram accounts is important is the fact that the photo sharing site offers companies an opportunity to express themselves to their Instagram followers in ways they cannot do on the website. Companies have found a way to get around this by embedding their Instagram feeds on their websites. Those who do it perfectly have a small section at the website fold on the homepage. This, however, requires one to have a theme on the Instagram page that matches that of their website. Many are going even bolder with thumbnails that source content from their Instagram pages.

The shopping angle

This is particularly useful considering the fact that it is difficult to have a clickable link on Instagram. Companies have now created pages that enable users to buy items that they have seen on Instagram. One can have the Instagram shopping link on the bio, and when one clicks on the link, they are directed to a page that has the very same photos as those on the Instagram page. The only difference is that on every image there is a link that takes the user directly to the purchase page for that particular website.

In much the same way, many companies are taking advantage of Instagram’s user participation capabilities for their web content. This technique involves companies running campaigns using a hashtag, most of the time not only on Instagram but also on related platforms like Twitter and Facebook. The posts and tweets are then combined into a single feed and displayed on the website. This way, the user feels like they are part of something bigger.


Some websites are so incredibly designed that adding any type of integration will only result in them looking overloaded. In such cases, the traditional integration can work wonders. This normally involves having the Instagram badge at one corner of the web page. It attracts the attention of the user, but does not distort the design of the website.

Website on Instagram

Many integration techniques bring content from Instagram into the website. Some companies have however developed techniques to bring their web content to Instagram. While it will not come in the form of clickable content since Instagram typically does not support this, it might be useful for companies that use their websites mainly to disseminate information. If this is to grow, then many companies will no longer have the traditional website.


What is a PDF Compressor?

PDf files are exceptionally popular, they have been used as means of saving information which can be shared and not edited, or even to enable people to fill in certain elements of a form without being able to edit other parts.  This has enabled a much faster rate of transfer between businesses and both other companies and customers; electronically transferring, signing and returning files can save days in time wasted for the postal system to deliver the relevant documents.  It is also generally considered to be safer as documents do not go missing.


There are a variety of options when dealing with pdf’s; it is possible to use a free online convertor to change almost any file type into a pdf and you can even convert a pdf into an alternative file type; such as Excel or Word.  Most of these conversion options are self explanatory, even if you do not understand the reason to convert the file you will easily grasp the concept of converting a file.  However, one option provided by these free sites is the pdf compressor.


This is still a free option in many sites but you may be curious as to what it actually does:


To compress anything is to make it more compact, smaller, in the real world you can imagine something being compressed flat!  The same principle is true when considering a pdf file.  Any pdf file can be compressed to make it smaller; often the file is reduced to 144dpi.  The term dpi refers to Dots Per Inch and 144 are much smaller than the pdf file is normally displayed at.  The procedure is simple and leads to one further question; why compress the pdf file?

There are several occasions when you may wish to compress the file:

  • Memory size is often an issue, the larger the file the better the quality of the information contained within it. However, this also means it will take up more of the valuable storage space on your computer.  To combat this you can compress the file and save the storage space!
  • A scanned image which is reduced to 144dpi is ready to be sent via an email without hitting the file size limit. Most people will have experienced the frustration of sending a file only to be told the attachment is too large.  Compressing your pdf will allow you to send a large document in one piece and ensure the security of the document is maintained.  In fact, the quality if the image is preserved and the file can be uncompressed and returned to its full size easily without any loss of quality!
  • 144dpi is also the perfect size for uploading files to webpages. The same type of rules generally applies to web pages as do to emails.  It therefore makes sense to upload your file as a compressed pdf, the quality if the image is preserved.

Most online pdf compressors are very easy to use and should offer a free trial if not a completely free service.  Once you have tried the conversion for yourself you will appreciate how useful it can be.