Fun Things To Look Forward To In Colleges In Delhi

This one is for all the recent Class XIIth passouts. Every student at some point, gets excited and waits for his/her college life to start. There’s a lot of difference in school life and college life. You’re going to start a totally different and new phase of your life. Here we’re about to discuss the differences in school life and college life. To help calm you, let’s discuss about some of the amazing things to look forward to and make you little more excited for the best time of your life that you’re about to start.

  • No more school uniforms
    Your whole school life you’ve been wearing the same school uniform on a daily basis, and you wait for your birthday, so that you can wear your casual clothes on that one single day. Well, finally, that’s all over. It’s college time! It’s all upon you about what do you want to wear. (although you’re going to miss that school uniform) So, all the shopaholics, go and start shopping for your college!
  • No more waking up super early
    Everyday when you get up super early in the morning, you wish you had some more time to sleep. Well, that’s totally in your hands now! Although college also starts early (but at least not that super early). Also, don’t feel like attending that first class? Not an issue, but make sure to keep in mind your attendance buddy!
  • College campus
    No matter how beautiful your school campus be, you never get to explore that beauty on a daily basis, right? It’s just that small recess break that you can roam around in school. In college, got a free period? Got free early from all the classes? No issues, feel free to roam around the campus and appreciate the beauty (because there’s no more fear of being caught). There are so many colleges in Delhi, especially private colleges that have their campuses built by some of the best builders and developers in Delhi.
  • College Fests
    Love Annual Days in school? Well, although those have their own fun, but no doubt, college fests are way too much fun as compared to them. Be it a Diwali Mela or Fests that are organised every year, they have so much to offer to you. Love dancing? Go join the dance group and feel free to dance on that huge stage (it has it’s own different fun). At this point of time also, the college fest organisers contact best builders and developers in Delhi, if they want to get anything built especially for these fests.
  • No more Parent-Teacher Meetings
    Tired of being asked to call your parents for every small thing? Well, no more! Enjoy your full college life without being threatened to call your parents for every small thing. You’ve got the whole power buddy!
  • You want to be there
    In schools, you are required to be there. But, in college, you yourself want to be there and don’t miss out any fun.
  • No more frequent examinations
    At school, you always feel like you have an exam every other day. But college, exams? That only comes to you twice a year, so all you need to do is sit back and chill with your friends.

    We hope enough excitement has been created? No need to worry at all. No doubt, initially you miss school a lot and feel awkward and conscious, but, once you’ve made your friends, there’s nothing that can stop you from having unlimited fun! Enjoy your college life to the fullest!

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