An overview about pancreatic cancer

What is pancreatic cancer? It is a cancer of the pancreas that is situated near the liver. This does help to maintain digestion along with sugar levels in the body. It has to be stated that pancreas is a small organ which would be a lot difficult to locate. Despite being small in size it has a big role to play in our body. It has to be understood that a pancreatic tumor does not get detected till the final stage. Since it is located in such a place that it could be a lot tricky for the other organs in our body. Cancer that does arise in this part of the body is known as pancreatic cancer. Cancer that doe’s take place in these cells goes by the name of cell cancer. Some of the common symptoms associated with pancreatic cancer are

  • The pain does start to take place in the stomach and then moves on to the back area
  • Weight loss in an unexpected manner
  • Nausea and diabetes

How the cancer is diagnosed

Most often than not the doctor is likely to perform numerous procedures and the following are generally undertaken

  • Physical exam- the doctor is likely to perform an exam of the ears and eyes with regards to jaundice. Sometimes the doctor also goes on to check the pancreas or the liver
  • Lab tests- the doctor is likely to take samples of urine or blood that is going to check bilirubin or other substances. When higher levels of this substance is found it could lead to cancer
  • Ultrasound- the doctor is likely to perform this procedure with interior or exterior devices

Smoking habits, genetic, or aging are some of the risk factors associated with pancreatic cancer.

How is pancreatic cancer being treated?

First and foremost chemotherapy is the treatment that is administered that prevents the growth of cancer cells. It kills the cells and does prevent them from emerging as well. The way it is provided does depend upon the type and stage of cancer which one finds them at.

Now we come to a radiation therapy where high power radiation cells are being used to kill cancer cells. It has to be stated that there are a couple of radiation therapy measures. When it is external radiation a machine is used outside of the body where radiation is directed towards cancer.

Follow up procedures are a vital clog in the wheel as far as treatment is concerned. It is done to figure out whether cancer has returned or in an advanced stage. Some of the methods which are being used to detect cancer are also being used to decrease the symptoms. This is going to include X rays and CT scans. The treatment would need to cover the ongoing treatment procedures.

Pancreatic cancer treatment in India is among the top draw. The reason for it is that the quality of treatment along with hospitals in this part of the world are of the top draw.

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