Amazing Benefits Of Carrying A Lip Balm

Women whenever go out keep a lip balm at the corner of the bag that they are carrying to check on their chapped lips whenever it is needed. But lip balms are not only for chapped lips but it is also a cure for chapped areas of other parts of the body as well.

Many people use lip balms to heal their dry skin in some tough skin areas such as knees and elbows. Even the bottom of one’s feet can be moisturized with daily use of lip balm. One can do lip balm online shopping easily because there are varieties and flavours available.

Here Are Some Major Things That A Lip Balm Can Fix:-

Apply It Before Using A Lipstick

Just like one when using other makeup products they also need to do their lips rightly and applying a lip balm to it is the first step. This should be done right before applying the lipstick because this balm can easily fill the cracks and create a smooth surface for the lipstick. Also the usage of lip balm can prevent the lips to become dry and lipstick lasts longer.

Tame Your Hair With It

Well, if your hair suddenly starts behaving unnaturally due to a bad hair day then a lip balm can be your saviour. You can easily tame your hair by swiping some of the lip balm and then smooth your hair with it. The hair will actually fall in place.

Soothe An Irritated Nose

If you are suffering from cold or allergies then it can often lead to a dry and irritated skin and it can happen the most around your nose. If you want to get an instant relief, you should run one of your fingers over your unscented lip balm and then wipe it over your irritated nose. According to a study, it is best to do this remedy at night so that the skin can be healed while sleeping.

Fix Shaving Nicks

One can easily apply a bit of plain lip balm on their razor cut in order to close the wound and prevent it from bleeding. However one should keep in mind that a serious cut needs some more serious attention.

Use As A Substitute Of Cuticle Creams

In case one is suffering from cracked cuticles that can become a painful hangnail then they can easily get rid of it by applying a bit of the lip balm on the affected areas at night before sleeping. They will be soft when one wakes up the next morning.

Soothes Puffy Eyes

A lip balm can be used as an emergency eye cream as well. It can help to soothe the puffy eyes and the under eye circles. So a lip balm can become a great substitute for the eye creams.

Sometimes it do Works as a hand lotion if one is out and do not have anything to soothe their dry hands.

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