An Insurance plan that cares for your family financially

Don’t let the uncertainty of life refrain you from protecting your family of all the financial burdens. Get a life well insured with Go4Insurance’s term insurance plans available online.

What is a term insurance plan?

An insurance plan that cares for your family after you.

Term insurance is a plan that takes care of your family’s financial needs and stability after your demise for a certain period or the specified ‘term’ of years. If the insurer, insured under this policy, dies during the period specified in the policy, and the plan is active or in force, then the death benefit of the insurer will be paid to his/her family. The insurer has to pay a fixed amount at fixed intervals. The nominees selected by him/her during the purchasing of term insurance plans will be given the assured sum after their death.

In case of sudden demise, term insurance will provide financial protection to the insurer’s family, helping them to pay living expenses.

Why do you need a term insurance policy?

Happy to have a life! Secure it with a Term Insurance plan.

  • Secure your family’s financial needs: If you are the sole breadwinner for your family, you can secure your family’s future with a term insurance plan. Save your family from any financial setbacks in your absence through a term insurance plan, and live a worry-free life. You can’t stop any unnatural or natural calamity, but you can protect your family in a safe house. A term insurance plan is that safe house, safeguarding them against any uncertain financial storms.
  • Cover serious illness: Critical illness like cancer, heart attack, kidney failure, etc., don’t knock before coming. In case of your sudden passing, your family will suffer both emotionally and financially. Term insurance provides them a relief to manage all the expenses after you’re gone. You can keep your family safe from financial hurdles so that they receive enough time to cope with your death without worrying about monetary supplies.
  • Protect your assets: You might have taken loans for a car or new home, and in case of your sudden death, all these loan repayments cloud your family’s sanity, adding to their emotional turmoil. A term insurance plan will help your family pay back all the loans, saving your car or property in the process. In such scenarios, term insurance payouts can take care of your outstanding loans while your family takes care of each other.

How to buy a term insurance policy online?

Go4Customer’s Insurance Plan supports you throughout life and beyond!

When looking to buy a term insurance policy, keep your family’s requirement in mind. A life cover of term insurance must be adequate to help your family manage regular expenses, educate your wards, and look out for other liabilities.

Assess your financial needs: Analyze all sources of income, the number of dependents, existing financial liabilities, and lifestyle expenses of your family. Consider the life goals of your spouse and children.

Estimate payable term insurance premium: Calculate the term insurance premium payable as per your term insurance policy. The amount payable depends on the chosen life cover, policy tenure, type of plan, age, gender, and living habits.

Add riders for additional coverage: You can customize your term insurance policy with riders that add on to your standard term insurance plan, therefore, increasing insurance coverage.

Pay term insurance premium online: Once you’ve thought about buying a term insurance policy in India company, complete all the online proceedings. Provide details of your income, profession, present address, and lifestyle habits before you choose a life cover and riders. Opt for a payment option that suits your needs.

Key features of our term insurance plan

Guarantee all the IF’s in your life with a term insurance policy.

Affordable premiums for complete security: Opt for your family’s financial freedom at a minimum cost with a term insurance plan. Go4Insurance’s term insurance policy covers all your adversities at affordable premiums.

Buy online: Purchasing a term insurance policy in India is an easy process. All information is available online. You can even calculate your premiums as per the criteria and apply for term insurance online.

An investment for your family’s future: If an affordable monetary investment of term insurance holds the power to secure your family’s future, then you should take it and save them from financial impediments.

Flexible payment options: Choose from a wide range of payment options available online. You can go for monthly/quarterly/yearly payment methods as per your convenience.

Customize your insurance plan: Customize your term insurance plan based on your age and lifestyle habits. Females receive additional advantages in premium rates than males.

Enjoy tax benefits: With an active term insurance plan in place, you can avail tax benefits on premiums paid under Section 80C of the Income Tax Act, 1961, for up to 1.5 lakh on the premium paid.