Go4insurance Travel Insurance Policy

Sorting out and managing travelling plans can be a tiring experience and we understand that how much traveling means to you. But before heading out just rewind this traveling mantra of all times – “Go safe, move safe, stay safe, leave safe and then get back safe”.

Irrespective of the purpose of your travel insurance is something that will cover you all the time like an umbrella from any kind of risk. Also there are so many of the tiny possibilities that should be taken care of once you heading out on an entourage. But we at Go4insurance have the solutions for all at affordable pricing.

For situations like these, there is travel insurance.

What is Travel Insurance policy?

To understand travel insurance in a layman language is financial security for situations like accidents, burglaries, etc. Such situations come without any prior notice and especially when you are traveling overseas. Although when people travel internationally, they head out after a deep study and research generally. But medical conditions are very natural to happen as our body might react very differently to the weather and environment to which we have never been into.

Apart from medical problems, there are so many other very commonly occurring instances of flights getting canceled or stealing of essentials. Let’s say you are traveling with your family so no one would want to put them into the slightest risk. Travel insurance takes care of all these sudden happenings on which there is no control. So despite spending tons after such a situation occurs, why not be pre-prepared.

How important is Travel Insurance?

There are people who won’t travel without insurance even nationally. It’s because traveling with a peace of mind is a feeling undefined. After spending thousands and lakhs on traveling tickets and on other bookings, is it worth taking a risk?

Not at all, travelling is one thing that should be carried on with zero risk and utter peace of mind. This is why travel insurance is important as it minimizes all the risks and renders ultimate peace of mind.

  • Dealing with emergencies–  We don’t want to bring up this but when we are talking about travel insurance, talking about ugly situations are evident. If you travel without insurance, outcomes of minor incidents can also become very worse can turn into an extremely grave situation. Hence, travel insurance should be considered as an integral part of your traveling plan as is booking flights for your destination.
  • Pre-medical conditions– People who have some pre-medical or underlying health conditions are strongly suggested to never travel anywhere without travel insurance. It will be like fools rushing in where angels fear to tread. But people not having any underlying health problem should also definitely consider signing up for travel insurance as there are not only health problems but other emergencies as well.
  • Compulsory travel insurance- There are some countries that won’t let you travel without travel insurance. Countries like Cuba, Ecuador, Turkey, and many more won’t even allow entering their country without insurance. They ask for a comprehensive international travel insurance policy. But not to worry you would get such international travel insurance plans very easily and readily.
  • Security at affordable pricing- Most of the overseas travel packages incorporate overseas travel insurance policy with properly designed overseas travel insurance plans. But the question might strike you that to buy a travel insurance policy like this you have to spend you have to get into a daylight robbery. But the reality is completely different. Nowadays you easily get cheap travel insurance plans and very frequently available as travel policy in India. 

Types of travel insurance

We have plenty of options to choose from that might be the best fit for your kind of travel of multi-purpose. 

  1. Domestic Travel Insurance– Breaking the stereotype that only international traveling needs travel insurance; we have a good provision for domestic travel insurance. Go4insurance travel insurance India makes it sure that you stay safe while traveling within the national borders as well. The insurance covers medical emergencies or the loss of any important baggage or personal documents. 
  2. International Travel Insurance– This is a specially designed insurance plan for travelers frequently flying overseas. When you fly internationally there are plenty of things to be taken care of. Medical expenses, sudden financial cash assistance, flight delays, loss of documents, or loss of baggage are the major ones. We at Go4insurance want you, travelers, to trip leaving all your worries behind as this moment might not come again. 
  3. Family Travel Insurance – When you travel with your whole family, responsibilities just get multiplied. So our family travel insurance policy takes care of your family like their own. Each member of your family can avail of all the services as in the individual travel insurance. 
  4. Student Travel Insurance– Students travel these days a lot to a foreign land. Students going to study abroad need to consider the student travel insurance plan with all the seriousness. It is designed in a way that might extend to the time of your academic curriculum.  

What all does Go4insurance travel insurance policy cover?

To give you a clear idea, it’s important to know about the services you will get in a travel insurance plan. Let’s study them one by one-

 Medical expenses- Medical expenses in some of the countries can be too expensive also such expenses cannot be ignored. But when you have travel insurance you need not worry about such emergency medical expenses whose sole purpose is to keep you safe throughout your journey. 

 Loss of crucial documents- Coming back home after a long tiring trip is so relaxing. But imagine that you have lost your passport in the country you traveled to can give chills to anyone. Travel insurance will arrange to get you home back safely. 

 Delays and other cancellations- There are times like cyclones or to mention the very ongoing situation of the pandemic, wherein there would be cancellations in bulk. Such interruptions and circumstances are held properly by travel insurance plans. 

Baggage loss-  You might encounter complete baggage loss and such situations can lead to lot of panic. But when you covered with a travel insurance policy, no need to worry further.

We have covered almost all the situations wherein you might require a travel insurance policy. But if you are worried about how to buy them then the procedure is way too simple. Just choose the right plan for yourself and fill the form and your details for the same. These details will mostly cover all the traveling details like you’re traveling itinerary and your stay details. They will also inform you about all the clauses of reimbursements and securities that you will be provided with.

So you just need to pack your bags and get excited about your trip. Leave the rest on your travel insurance policy provider and at last “Bon voyage”.